Not a thing. A fabrication of victimhood created by homophobes, who have never experienced discrimination against them in their lives.
"Heterophobia" is not a thing.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 December 16, 2021
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Something that doesn't exist
Mum: Honey, do you wanna get ice cream tomorrow?

Violet: YES!!!!!

*next day*

Violet: oi mum, can we get ice cream now?

Mum: No, i never said we could.

Violet: But you did-

Mum: That's Heterophobia.
by Really_Stinky_Feet345 May 12, 2021
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The discrimination against straight people.
It is real, because claiming something shitty just because a person is straight is discrimination in and of itself.
Person 1: "Heterophobia is not real, we can talk however we want about straight people!~"

Person 2: "Heterophobia IS real, because what you just said is discrimination."
by Mephicunt June 4, 2022
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Something that needs to be recognized more often. Common with people if the LGBTQ+ community because most people that base their whole personality around being homosexual think that everyone has to be gay or they don’t fit in. It’s turning around— from not promoting homosexuality to promoting it and degrading straights. Why can’t we just support both groups?
Homosexual(sometimes) or Heterophobe: Everyone should be gay because being straight makes you rude and homophobic.

Straight(sometimes): yo man, calm it down with the heterophobia.
by April 26, 2022
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When people go so far into supporting the LGBTQ+ community that they end up degrading people who are straight
Everyone is mad at that one pan kid for dating someone of the opposite gender, I swear this school is full of people who support heterophobia
by LukeLJS123 December 10, 2020
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Discrimination against someone for being heterosexual/straight.
"I hate straight people! Let's make fun of them!"
"Dude, no, that's heterophobic."
"Heterophobia doesn't exist."
"So you can say 'I hate gay people' and that's homophobic, but saying you hate straight people isn't heterophobic?"
"Yes. Straight people were never killed because they were straight, but gay people were because they're gay."
"Maybe, but you can still discriminate against them. If that never happened to gay people, would you still be homophobic? Yes, you would still be homophobic. Why should it be different for straight people?"
"Because they're the ones that did it."
"So, you're going to say you hate straight people when most of them aren't homophobic? Even most homophobes didn't commit a hate crime towards someone gay. At least say you hate homophobic people, not straight people, it's heterophobic, regardless of what you say. Whatever happened to 'be careful who you hate, it could be someone you love'?"
"I don't care. Heterophobia doesn't exist."
"Okay, well, how about this: Stop making fun of straight people, get an education, and get a life."
by we-can-be-gay-together-<3 June 26, 2022
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