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Not a thing. A fabrication of victimhood created by homophobes, who have never experienced discrimination against them in their lives.
"Heterophobia" is not a thing.
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by Sensible Patriot March 14, 2021
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A myth.
"Heterophobia doesn't exist, dumbass. Gay people suffered immensely, nothing like how straight people did."
by michdagirl March 01, 2021
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Discrimination against Heterosexual people.

Someone who discriminates against heterosexuals is a Heterophobe
P1: "I fucking hate cis-shit straight white males"
P2: "Yo, cool it with the racism, sexism, and heterophobia"
by The 🍓 October 15, 2020
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honestly, i do believe heterophobia isn't a thing because since most population in the world assumes and inputs on society that being straight is the normal or right thing to be, nobody is ever oppressed or murdered because they are straight. lgbtq people do suffer and that is a fact. but i've personally seen many tiktoks of people who write the following:

"ew, you like men?"
"who is even straight nowadays lmfaooo"
and so so
this may be taken as a joke but it can be defined as heterophobia. i believe it is passive aggression towards straight people who do supports the lgbtq community but in exchange get backlashed for being straight. no one should be backlashed for their sexual orientation nor the gays who suffer the most and even the straight who most people believe don't suffer but they passive aggressively do.
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by MY opinion and not OURS December 05, 2020
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It's a made up word describing the hate toward straight people by LGBTQ+ members as a way to "boost" their confidence in themselves, so they insult and make jokes of straight people just because they aren't gay so that makes them less worthy of respect or assuming that they are homophobics. Usually to fell better and get revenge of the days of oppression of LGBTQ+
Joe: You straight people are weird.
Adam: Hey! don't insult an entire group because of the action of certain person. That's heterophobia.
by Equality supporter September 09, 2020
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The act of being discriminatory towards straight people, this may be something like the fear of straight people, or just disliking straight people. Its existence is usually denied by LGBT people or straight people who just want some validity from the LGBT community, and it’s usually only denied because people want to try and cover up their heterophobia. admittedly it’s not as bad as homophobia.
Person 1: god I hate straggots!
Persona 2: that’s heterophobia bro.
by September 11, 2020
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