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honestly, i do believe heterophobia isn't a thing because since most population in the world assumes and inputs on society that being straight is the normal or right thing to be, nobody is ever oppressed or murdered because they are straight. lgbtq people do suffer and that is a fact. but i've personally seen many tiktoks of people who write the following:

"ew, you like men?"
"who is even straight nowadays lmfaooo"
and so so
this may be taken as a joke but it can be defined as heterophobia. i believe it is passive aggression towards straight people who do supports the lgbtq community but in exchange get backlashed for being straight. no one should be backlashed for their sexual orientation nor the gays who suffer the most and even the straight who most people believe don't suffer but they passive aggressively do.
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by MY opinion and not OURS December 05, 2020
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Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
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Heterophobia is the hate of, discrimination against, or oppression (no matter how minor) of straight people simply because of the fact that they're straight.
You can be heterophobic.

Hating straight people just because they're straight is heterophobic and you're terrible.

Heterophobia is often denied by LGBTQ+ people because of how some straight people who want attention use the term, but it's a real thing.

Heterophobia is also denied by LGBTQ+ people who can't accept that they're heterophobic. (If you are one of those people, it's okay, it can be hard to come to terms with. I know you can change.)

Heterophobia ISN'T:
Saying straights shouldn't have a pride celebration. (they shouldn't, they don't need awareness)
Saying you hate the privilege straight people are given.
Saying that straight people are privileged.

Making a joke about straight people and not meaning it.
Just an excuse straight people use to gain sympathy or not feel left out. (some straight people that want attention use it as an excuse, but they aren't using it right.)

Examples of being heterophobic:
"Straight people suck."
"Idk bro, straight people just have horrible vibes. They're all toxic, too."
"I can't be friends with them, they're straight."
"Are you sure he's okay to be friends with? He's straight, what if he's homophobic?"
"All straight people are <negative stereotype>."
"I hate straight people/straggots."

(this definition was written by a bisexual/genderfluid person c:)
"Grayson is heterophobic, xe's excluding me from xeir friend group just because I like the opposite gender."
"You're heterophobic."
"Don't be heterophobic. Bun might be straight, but bun is a great ally to LGBTQ+( i'm sorry if i used that pronoun wrong)
"That's heterophobic, dude."
"Heterophobia is hating straight people because they're straight."
by bisexual/genderfluid and proud January 07, 2021
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Discrimination against Heterosexual people.

Someone who discriminates against heterosexuals is a Heterophobe
P1: "I fucking hate cis-shit straight white males"
P2: "Yo, cool it with the racism, sexism, and heterophobia"
by The 🍓 October 15, 2020
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A myth.
Person 1: "Look at that straggot."
Person 2: "That's heterophobic."
Person 1: "Did straight people have to fight for their rights? Is straight marriage illegal in any countries? Is being straight punishable by death? No, no, and no. Heterophobia isn't real so shut the fuck up you moron."
by SaltySusan February 15, 2021
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the literal fear of straight people, not like homophobia which is the hatred to queer people, an example of heterophobia can be fear of coming out due to what it can lead to or fear of walking alone at night as a visible queer person

straight people doesn’t get killed, bullied, fired, put in danger, seen as a freaks, can get married in any country, or anything, when queer people uses straight negatively it’s a coping mechanism, every queer person on earth is the victim of homophobia, it doesn’t even count as dark humour it’s just a coping mechanism
straggot: hey! you said that straight people are annoying! cool it with the heterophobia

person: calm down snowflake you’re not oppressed
by c4nn1b4L December 22, 2020
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The act of being discriminatory towards straight people, this may be something like the fear of straight people, or just disliking straight people. Its existence is usually denied by LGBT people or straight people who just want some validity from the LGBT community, and it’s usually only denied because people want to try and cover up their heterophobia. admittedly it’s not as bad as homophobia.
Person 1: god I hate straggots!
Persona 2: that’s heterophobia bro.
by September 11, 2020
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