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heterophobe- one who has an irrational fear or hatred of those that lead the heterosexual lifestyle.
Cecil, an avowed heterophobe, pointed to a couple in the distance, "See Arthur, see them, nasty breeders, what right do they have to be at a pride march" he sighed, "Filthy, Filthy, they look like the Cleavers, oh look(he points to a child running with a ball), see, look, theres Wally, now where's the "Beave"?
by rockinjellyfish April 23, 2006
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A heterophobe is a person who calls people a homophobe for political or personal gain.
Perez Hilton is a heterophobe. Not everyone who calls him a fag is a homophobe.
by Shithousepoet November 07, 2014
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1. One who is afraid of opposite-sex relations.

2. One who supports homosexuality and calls people homophobes
Person 1: I don't support gay marriage.
Person 2: You homophobe!
Person 1: You heterophobe!
by HedgehogFromJotenhiem April 10, 2014
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Someone who dislikes and hates heterosexuality. Someone who has an aversion, a repulsion, a disgust or a hatred of heterosexuality.
At the very thought of sexual activities between men and women heterophobes are disgusted.
by james November 29, 2003
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