A Person who 100% Believes themselves the hero of the day, tommorow, and any day. They believe in any situation (any task, any game, any event, etc ) they will be the special person who will come out on top. A person with a hero complex has no feeling that there is no failure.

Do not confuse this mental state with arogance, pridefullness, or ambition. this state of mind is similar to Narcassism.

(For a good example see Hetalia Axis powers Character : America )
America-san suffers from a hero Complex and I doubt he'll ever come down from his Pedestal ever ...
by Theamazinggeek December 31, 2019
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Someone who always try’s to be the hero in a situation.
That Ahnaf boy has a hero complex.
by Samthecat October 13, 2022
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Someone that portrays themself as a hero.
The first responder was always the first one there, and though nobody questioned his/her hero complex, there weren't too many other people that wanted the world to burn.
by The Original Agahnim November 22, 2021
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1. Some dude who thinks he's god's gift to humanity because he lifted his finger to help out once or twice or very little overall, when the woman in the situation helps constantly and doesn't get any appreciation nor asks for for any, but you don't see her patting herself on the back do you.

2. Your boyfriend/husband who changes the babies diapers twice a year and thinks he's some kind of hero for "helping out"; cause after all "he brings home the paycheck, what more could you ask for" (barfing noise). Note: also applies when female works part or full time and when she makes more than him.

3. Your father when he thinks giving you money means he's the greatest father on earth and deserves constant admiration otherwise a slew of passive aggressive tactics will be applied to you. Also expect a slew of put downs and covert manipulations if you do not bow to your "hero".
"Hero complex" extraordinaire Jon Gosselin

any random sleazeball who looks for sex in exchange for some microscopic favor he graciously bestows upon you as the hero he thinks he is

Al Bundy
by Nausicus July 11, 2013
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A repeat offender that do heroic actions to mask their offensive and horrible track record
AmeriKKKa and ¢hina are the best example of Hero Complex countries
by Sir. B February 5, 2021
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A deep desire to be looked up to as an elite crime fighter but reality teaches them how criminals are far more intelligent then they and their emotional level drops from glee to anger. So a new tactic emerges to keep their dream alive by concluding "I may not be smart enough to catch the real criminals, but at least I can take it out on someone I think deserves it." Hence the hero emerges and an ill-fated regular Joe goes to prison.
Airport Security has not caught one terrorist but plenty of innocent people have been effected by Hero Complex Syndrome" by harrassing innocent people who just want to get on the plane. When their patience is exhausted from witnessing this incredible security force who hasn't caught one terrorist, they become irate, and off to jail they go. Of course this would never have happened if security did their jobs in the background leaving honost people alone.
by Tre Robynson July 28, 2011
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A complex where someone thinks everyone around them is an idiot really.
The girl was the first one to tell Travis Scott about the dead body, that sounds kind of like the hero complex they describe on Criminal Minds. Kind of like the one that pushes somebody on the train tracks yelling for them to get off the tracks or calling for help.
by The Original Agahnim November 8, 2021
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