AmeriKKKa is the portmanteau of KKK (a Southern USA-based violent right-wing white supremacist group) and America (United States of America). The Term AmeriKKKa denotes that USA since (or even before) it's founding has been institutionally racist and destructive to every entity it sets it's sight into.

A prime example that affirms the validity of this term would be the genocide of millions of Native Americans at the hands of european invaders, desecration of Sacred Sites and the land theft that followed after that still happens to this day. Another would be the Chattel Slavery that USA practiced for centuries against millions of black peoples, then the founding of the KKK at the US South after the American Civil War to combat any meaningful reparations for the newly liberated Freemen during the Reconstruction Era and beyond that.

The KKK (the term used in AmeriKKKa) has been ignored and allowed to fester by the white supremacist US institution inside and outside their government apparatus for more than a century, resulting in countless crimes against their non-white citizens.

This also does not include the heinous atrocities and countless war crimes the USA committed against tens of millions of non-white peoples all over the world to enforce Pax Americana, Monroe Doctrine and Truman Doctrine.
P1: "Fuck AmeriKKKa!"

P2: "The KKK were Democrats! They're evil! We Republicans freed the slaves!"


P2: "N-no... T-they're a part of my Heritage!"
by JhaelQ14 July 6, 2022
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Cynical corruption of "America" (as in United States of America) especially as relevant to the worst deeds and attitudes of its government; used by citizens of the country and others alike.
The establishment regime of AmeriKKKa just keeps getting us in deeper shit with every move it makes.
by Disgruntled American June 29, 2004
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Refers to the conspiracy that America is run by a secret cabal of the celebrities Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.
Person 1: God, I hate how AmeriKKKa is run by Big Booty Enterprises, Latex Corp and bitches from the Bermuda Belt TM.

Person 2: I know, right? Down with the KKK!
by Psycho Schizopolis July 8, 2022
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Amerikkka tanked. They rest of the Planet ended amerikkka
Amerikkka is over
by bullyber October 20, 2020
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Cynical people who believe that the US was established to keep people down, when in reality the Puritans came to escape religious persecution and freedom to practice their religion. The kkkorruption comes from those hellbent on keeping people under kkkontrol by offering those "wronged", a.k.a. the "cause", opportunity. Truth be told the system to help is setup up to keep them in place.
In AmeriKKKa Modern Democrats virtue signal that they have the answers to groups woes and are the only ones capable of helping them attain equity in this kkkorupt world. The reality is the modern Dem is actually infused with old southern democratic ideology, a group who favored slavery but today they don't enforce being enslaved to the man, just to the programs established to help that show a 30% effective rate of success further ensuring the 70% stay right where they are needed when it's time to vote.
by English Minor 06492 July 4, 2022
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The United States of America. Generally depicting the Country as fascist or racist.

The KKK in the above spelling of America is completely owned by the Democratic Party. One of the first KKK Grand Wizards was a fellow named Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and helped form the KKK immediately following the conclusion of the war. As we all know his side lost and we ended slavery. The Republicans fought to end slavery then and now. We want opportunities to chase your American dream for all citizens of this Great Country!
If we don’t vote out the Democrats in office, we will never change Amerikkka back to America.
by Sf4919523467 July 6, 2022
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1. stupid place gone to shit by stupid old shits running the country
2. fat

3. a place where a bunch of white egotistical country mfs live

i fucking hate this country but what i hate more is the stupid retards in it
america/amerikkka fucking sucks and if you disagree fuck yourself and eat shit or fite me stupid ignorant cunt
by fuckoffkys666 July 5, 2022
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