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A person who feels the need to be a hero in every situation. People with hero syndrome try to save other people by defending them from backbiters and bullies instead of villains. They will try to resolve situations for others. However, more often than not, they put themselves in trouble. Funnily, they never learn their lesson and return to getting involved in things that don't concern them.
Bruce: I am sorry for the things that I said to your ex-girlfriend. I just wanted to protect you from all the ridiculous gossip she was spreading about you.

Ryan: It's alright, man. You just have hero syndrome; you can't help it. Just don't say anything next time.
by Batman9 May 07, 2014
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The inability to escape the mindset that the popular music game Guitar Hero or other such music games creates. Sufferers of Hero-Syndrome will find it impossible to listen to songs not included in the game without imagining them being in the game, playing along with a phantom guitar controller or in more extreme cases dreaming about songs accompanied by scrolling frets and chords.
"Dude, what are you doing?!? Why are you playing air guitar to the Neighbours theme tune?"

"I don't know man, I can't help it! I think I have Hero-Syndrome"
by Itchy Biff July 07, 2009
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