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The technical term for a widespread condtiton resulting from playing Guitar Hero for too long. Symptoms include believing one is seeing furniture and TV screens grow, which results from the constant up and down motion one's eyes make when following notes on the screen. Less scientifically known as Guitar Hero tripping.
"Woah, dude, it looks like that bookcase over there is growing..."
"No, man, you've just got a serious case of Guitar Hero Syndrome. Why don't you stop playing that damn thing and go get some sunlight."
by Torby April 29, 2007
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The terrible affliction achieved by playing guitar hero for too many hours. Unfortunately, this disease usually takes hold when players are beginning to become one with their guitar and are achieving epic streaks. Your brain then decides to over think and your hand cant deal with the on coming information, the hand is no longer part of the equation and does what it feels like.
Also know as Guitar Hero Spaz Hand.
If you are unfortunate enough to get Guitar Hero Syndrome, any chance of 100% will definately go right out of the window.
by Avast_Ye_Matey!!! November 30, 2010
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A condition caused by playing too much Guitar Hero or Rock Band with short-term and long-term effects. Symptoms include:

1. Temporary visual distortion of everything off-screen, caused by the vertical motion of the game, causing a trippy, disorienting effect

2. Soreness of the wrists and shoulders from extreme strumming and fingering.

3. Having a knowledge of rock and alternative limited only to the songs featured in Guitar Hero.
1. You: "Whoa dude, the floor is totally shifting. I'm tripping balls just from playing Guitar Hero."

Friend: Lolz, it's guitar hero syndrome.

2. "God, my wrists hurt. I shouldn't have played 'Through the Fire and Flames'."

3. Friend: "You know Even Flow by Pearl Jam? That's my favorite band!"

You: "Yeah, but it's only because I played Guitar Hero."

Friend: "Pfff."
by D Clerc December 20, 2012
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when some one has been playing guitar hero for so long on expert they think the are a real guitar hero but really if you gave them a real guitar it would sound like a cat drowning whan they played
guy1: hey i just did 'dragonforce' 'throught the fire and the flames' on guitar hero 3 on expert 100%

guy2: wow really have a go on my les paul special

guy1: ok sweet *picks up guitar* *&$$&%#^%^#^&^(*$%$#@#$7 *plays horibble*

guy 2: put my guitar down the the hell outta my house and never speak to me again, buy a real guitar and get over your guitar hero syndrome u noob ass-raper
by btf'07' December 20, 2007
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When a person plays the air guitar to any song on the radio that is also on either Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
Dang, ever since my little bro played Guitar Hero, he has been haveing Guitar Hero Syndrome and it's getting annoying.
by Seth McLovin May 10, 2008
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A mental illness that usually appears in pre-adolescent boys who have not yet developed musical tastes, after they have first played Guitar Hero. Symptoms include the notion that they can play guitar (even though most have never actually seen a real guitar), only listening to songs from Guitar Hero, not knowing the history or even the names of the band members of the bands those songs are from, lumping all of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Punk, etc...into just "Rock" (and not knowing what any of the genres are in the first place), and the belief that they will gain enlightenment/go to heaven/become operating Thetans/whatever if they can play "Through The Fire And The Flames" on Expert.

Remedies may include forcing the subject to go and listen to music not included in Guitar Hero, and for the love of god, keep them away from DJ Hero.
13 Year Old: (Listening to Jimi Hendrix)

Older Brother: "Oh, I didn't know you liked Classic Rock."

13 Year Old: "What's Classic Rock?"

Older Brother: ...

13 Year Old: "Well, Jimi Hendrix is a pretty good band, anyway..."

Older Brother: (Facepalm)

Older Brother: (Later) I think my brother suffers from Guitar Hero Syndrome.

Paul: Sucks man.
by gmarx April 11, 2011
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