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A Heppi is an extremely rare phenomenom it is when highness and awesomeness collide to create a magical bieng
Guy1: "dude last night i was so baked i had sex with 3 cheerleaders and stole a ferrari"

Guy2: "dude ur such a heppi"
by Heppa1993 October 31, 2010
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A person 'living the slobs dream'. A heppi is bed bound and often found with the following items surrounding him to prevent any use of energy; tv remote, games controller, food, drink, weed, bong. A heppi is usually a person still living with their mum or perhaps grandma and has them running their day to day errands e.g. picking up weed, making food, changing their clothes. Although the Heppi's mum/grandma does often make suggestions of moving out and getting a job, the Heppi has to much of the good thing going on to even consider it.
Kid 1 "Oh man, I wish I could just stay in bed all day wank, eat, get high and watch tv"

Kid 2 "Me too dude, I'd love to be a Heppi when I grow up"
by josh1992 November 04, 2010
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the word New Zealanders use to describe the feeling when they're content i.e. happy but with a New Zealand accent
new zealand dude: bro I'm so heppi, I just inherited a million sheep
new zealand dude 2: wow bro that makes me so heppi as well
by hey it's you November 23, 2014
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