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Female name, commonly short for "Hepzibah" or "Hephzibah."
Ancient Greek translation for "magical shiney person"
Heppys are often music makers, inventers of bizzare ideas, and can usually be found watching films or going on adventures when they should be working. Natural habitat is ambigious as Heppys love to travel. Food and drink: usually needs prawns, tropicana and chocolate to survive, but will usually be satisfied with a humous sandwhich.
The mood of the Heppy is normally defined in the clothes they wear. For example - a happy mood selects lots of colours, and a bad mood is reflected in dismal shades. This is also echoed in choice of nail varnish.
"Heppy! Behave yourself!"
by hepzibah April 15, 2009
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- adjective, -pier, -piest
1. characterized by or indicative of filth, lack of sanitation, and uncleanliness.
2. more specifically, indicative of the ability to disseminate Hepatitis A.
Have you showered today? You're looking a little heppy?
Your apartment is so heppy dude. - Yeah, my cat's been peeing all over for 5 days, my toilets flooded, and I threw a kegger.
by ohnos June 12, 2007
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A heppy is a person that wears preppy clothes but fronts to be a hippie/stoner. An individual that likes to indulge in herbage only at parties in front of people (opposite sex) that will think he/she is tight. Unfortunately, you'll never find this person smoking during the day and they only listen to phish when their friends are around. This kind of species will wear hemp, floral prints, dave matthews band t-shirts, drink keystone, and act really laid back (but is truely stuck up with an oak tree).

Additional note: these people like to use the term "heady" in the wrong type of context. (And the word "zo" in replace of "so"). THEY ALWAYS MISUSE THE WORD "SKETCH".
From the mouth of a heppy:

"Zoh my god! Last night was zo sketch when those guys packed like ten bowls."

"Oh yeah, i know i could only smoke like one hit, it was zo fucking weird"
"So i got this really heady shirt from abercrombie, you have to see it, i'm gonna look super heady!"
by Beetown. nanastefrodalex August 01, 2009
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