people underestimate his truly amazing rock blues power...
This was no ordinary blues rock musician, this was a revelation and a turning point for all music...

Hendrix changed the world by playing the most amazing yet underrated self-taught guitar riffs

Nobody has yet to even match hendrix in any way whatsoever

see god
hey you know that god dude?


Yeah... why did he have to die?
by Tom Jewsbury October 6, 2007
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The greatest guitarist who ever lived, his compositions were amazing.

And to cakeslob how unconventionally you can play doesn't determine your skill.

If I could play a Simple Plan song with my ass would that mean I was talented? No, because Simple Plan songs are horrible and simple.

Yes Jimi did string it so that it wouldn't be upside-down, so what? Playing upside-down isn't even hard, you just have to up-strum on chords.

You're the "N00b" (and a tool for even using that word), I bet you don't even play guitar.

Jimi Hendrix was a genius and by the way it takes more than talent to become that amazing in a few years, he started guitar when he was 16 and died at 27 so he only played for 11 years of his lifetime. Within a few years he was Godly at guitar. People have played longer than he has lived and haven't even come close.
n00b; "Liek ,omgosh, Hendrix played a right handed guitar even though he is left handed what skill"
Educated; "Not really. Hendrix strung his guitar alternately, so it would be exactly like playing a left handed guitar. Aside from the way the body is shaped, nothing changes in fingering or picking at all."


The guy who wrote that stupid example knows nothing about guitar and is a tool, and bases a guitarists skill on his opinion of the music.

He didn't even use correct quotation marks at the top showing he is an idiot who doesn't know 1st grade punctuation.
by joe725 April 25, 2007
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The act of fucking a girl in the ass in the standing postion. While doing this, you reach around with your left hand and finger her vagina. With your right hand you massage her right breast. This is commonly confused with the rockstar which is the reverse hand positions(Remember, Hendrix was a lefty!).
I just gave my girlfriend the Hendrix, and she gave me the clap.
by Dan Kerley February 2, 2007
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It ain't easy describing who or what J. Hendrix was, but the quotation that best sums it up came from one of the documentaries....

Hendrix was a "FORCE OF NATURE"
"Clapton was a great guitar players, but Jimi, Jimi (Hendrix) was a force of nature..." (approx.)
by djah December 17, 2011
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No, not Jimi Hendrix. An even cooler Hendrix. Hendrix is a person who is very talented and trustworthy, he’s cute, funny, and can always give you a smile. He always wants somebody to hang out with, and loves to be with his friends. He loves to play video games, and that is his passion. Hendrix is a cool person.
Guy 1: “Awe man, Hendrix is awesome!”
Guy 2: “I wanna be just like him.”
Girl 1: “OMG he’s so hot!”
by zohenste January 7, 2018
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A guitarist that many consider overrated although he deserves every bit of recognition he gets: Jimi started playing guitar at the age of 12 and played until his untimely death at age 27 yet he still accomplished more than any other guitarist ever and there are many professional guitarist that have been playing for longer twice the length of time jimi was alive that still have not come anywhere close to hendrix level.

People are still listening to Jimi 40 years later because of the shit that we call "music" today & because he was the most amazing: musician, guitarist, & person that ever lived.

Sadly Jimi's less played stuff is extremely underrated in comparison to his overplayed stuff. Even know his less played stuff is amazing in comparison to everything else ever (Jimi > Everything else) people still only want to listen to purple haze because they are posers.
Guy 1: Buckethead is the best guitarist that ever.

Guy 2: you are a fucking moron. *hands guy 1 a hendrix cd*

Guy 1: *listens to cd* Buckethead is a piece of shit.

Guy 2: Well, in comparison to Hendrix everything is a piece of shit.
by n dav January 27, 2008
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Murderer of the pussy, Killa of thots and snitches, greatest rapper,leader of the trap, and realist nigga out there.
Hendrix killed that nigga that fucked with the GANG.hendrix fucked that pussy up
by Quan jose November 6, 2016
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