what you do when you wanna talk with somebody
You are in the cinema
You: hello ( to the one next to you)
the person: hi
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by Lari 🤣 July 12, 2017
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worst word in english language. makes people fuck you instantly and they will scream. it will make people suck your cock. do not say hello.
person 1: hello
person 2: **sucks his cock**
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by Omgguyyoutube May 20, 2018
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Greeting used by an obnoxious co-wrorker to answer the phone. Generally it is bellowed loudly for all to hear, as if others should be interested in their conversations. The first HELLO! is usually followed by a second, slightly quieter Helloo!

Co-workers that tend to do this often wear slacks that are too short, still live at home, inappropriatley insert their opinions into private conversations, and insist on following other co-workers to the rest room.
Co-Worker: HELLO!
Caller: silence
Co-Worker: Helloo!
Caller: silence
Co-Worker:Is anybody there?
by Billy Zane January 09, 2006
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What you always say when you answer the phone
Person 1: Hello
Person 2: hi, is this Kings Pizza show
Person 1: No you have the wrong number
Person 2: Ok, CLICK
by tatomuck1 February 19, 2009
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I think the best "greeting" word ever made in the English language. Can also be used as an expression of shock or absolute amazement.
1.Person A : Hello!
Person B : Hey!

2. Person A: Hello! What the heck are you doing with that lawn mower?

by G0v1 October 14, 2008
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what idiots say to start a conversation in MSN Messenger. "How r u?" will usually follow. Then, "gtg, bai"
Hello How r u? gtg bai
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
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