The act of having sex, pulling out and cumming on a person's stomach followed bu you laying on them, stomach to stomach, and wiggling around like a dead fish to get a nice spread on that sammy.
I told her this time, I was making the sandwhich. Extra mayo with a Hellman's Wiggle
by Dirty Mcgee July 6, 2017
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Can be used to describe many sexual acts that involve exchanging fluids without having intercourse. (comes from the computer term where keys are exchanged in encryption)like the cleveland steamer.
"man i just got back from about a good diffie hellman....the whole place was wet."

"she wouldnt fall for my famous line so i had to give her the diffie hellman and make sure she swallowed."
by Scooter May 7, 2004
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When Someone drops a protein powder loaded shit in the gym locker room and it slowly creeps into the weight room like a low lying fog and lingers there for all to endure for the duration of their workout.
I jumped on the treadmill and a 1/4 mile in I got engulfed in The hangin Hellman. I ran as fast as I could toward fresh air but no matter how hard I ran I stayed in the same place.
by BkMadMatt February 13, 2017
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this is a good 1. it starts out with a guy doing his drunk girlfriend, then cumming all over her face and clothes. he then tries to wash out the cum stains, but they dont come out. when she wakes up the next day, shes asks what the stains are. he replies, "you made a sandwich for me yesterday and got some hellman's light on your shirt
hellman's light is cum
by GetFuckedFrequently May 1, 2004
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1. awful teacher and student of the study of chemistry. 2. showing little care of teaching and sympathy for pupils. 3. One who is flaming. 4. One who admits flames. (flaming). 5. FAT. 6. admits random questions from students of chemistry ending with "what the fuck, this guy can't teach" 7. One who distributes pornography. 8. Awful.
Sentence usage. noun."fuck hellman, he can't teach!" or "hellman is fat" adjective. fat is hellman. this teacher is a hellman
by Andrew McAnus May 26, 2003
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