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Often incorrectly labeled a "supplement" (negative connotation) by the popular media, protein powder is powdered food consisting mainly of the macronutrient protein. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders to more easily obtain high levels of daily protein intake, a condition advantageous toward muscle gain.

There are different kinds of protein powders, with whey protein being the most popular.
The bodybuilder mixed protein powder and creatine into a shake and then drank it.
by FooberFoober September 15, 2005
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n. This is the resulting powder after you have depositing cum into (or onto) your cum dumpster (see also fuck buddy). Once this ejaculate dries and is rubbed or brushed against, it produces a fine powder known as protein powder.
Last night I gave Lisa a Superman, when I woke up this morning the sheet had come unglued and there was protein powder all over my new fucking sheets! I had to make that bitch snort up all of that shit before I received my blumpkin!
by enhanced April 14, 2010
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