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A person who uses music instruments to satisfy thier sexual needs.
Look what that girl is using that flute for, what a Band Whore.
by Scooter March 29, 2004
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Stands for "Why Hello There." It is then followed up by the word "buttsecks" which is Internet slang for "anal sex."

It is greatly used on the WWEGSB.
New girl: Hello, I'm new to the WWEGSB. I'm a girl!

Random noob boys: y helo thar buttsecks
by Scooter June 6, 2004
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The best up and coming hip-hop duo you've ever heard.
Chad Grove. Hooded Bomber. Underscore. Get Familiar.
by Scooter March 4, 2007
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The best response to anyone who is trying to argue with you or debate you.

The ultimate comeback; unbeatable.
Dude, this song is horrible. - Shane
Nope. - Scott
by Scooter May 28, 2006
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A type of maths teacher, originating in the S.E of England
What in bit-david's name are you doing?

It's a parabola, bit-david
by Scooter March 20, 2005
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