means Golden inhibited love!

Some times creates confussion in others.

The most spontanious girl you'll ever meet.... hair that changes colour like a radiant rainbow.

She lights up the lives of the people she meets and touches hearts with laughter and loveliness.

She has a twinkle in her eye; mischief is always a set of handcuffs away with Heide. Uninhibited. saucy minx!

When she touches your heart you are left with imprints on your soul. compassionate.

Has the most filthy laugh and you know anything is posible when you have a Heide in your company!
Everyone needs a Heide in their lives ~ few achieve the privellage of the rare presence that is a Heide.
'you were tied to the bed?! that is sooo Heide'

'she was dancing in her underwear to 'dude looks like a lady'.... you're a Heide - so uninhibited'
by skatty kat February 5, 2010
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Scots = Head
is also incorrectly spelled heed. swede,noggin,napper,are other examples.
a Glesga kiss is when someone sticks the heid on ye!
by william the wallace March 16, 2006
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fobby, caring, and compassionate.
she is a leo and she enjoys the company of friends, good food and good music.
last weekend heide and her friends made dinner and ate noodles with milktea
by klingaling November 28, 2003
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Short for Heidi- a nickname
What's going on, Heid?
by TGCrazy February 3, 2010
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the act of taking cover under some obstacle while peeping
the peeping heid was really creepy
by the peeping heid - the real og September 29, 2009
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When a person has somewhat strange features, usualy exchanged between friends, family or fellow eployees while walking down the street, or using public transport.
"Get a load of that guy, hes got the compelete and utter heid of!"
by Bluemonic_Kaj November 19, 2009
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heids is a person who loves to take little children hostage during daytime. a heids will usually hold 10-15 children at a time to play "games" with them. a heids will also usually have red curly hair enjoys drinking citris and pomigrant sky vodkas
"wow look at that creepy old heids playing with that kids"
"only a heids would drink that"
by sharna and hayley April 25, 2007
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