Hedge fund investors.

Billionaire boomers that are mad butt hurt because some Redditors are buying GameStop stocks and costing them money.
by FuckWedgies January 28, 2021
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Someone who works in the Hedge Fund industry.
Bro #1: Hey did you hear Brent is working at that new shop?!
Bro #2: Yeah, he's a Hedgie now..
by PSR91 April 18, 2020
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A type of humor that postures itself as edgy, but rather than being a subversive challenge to unjust hegemonic belief systems, hedgyness reenforces them
"hey bro you know I love you but that joke about homeless people was super hedgy"
"you're right bro thanks for checking me on that. cruelty to homeless people does reenforce unjust hegemonic power structures, and that's not being a good bro to my fellow humans."
by SRSLY WRONG August 8, 2018
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R fuk.
"Hey did you hear about those wall street guys who try to short companies into bankruptcy using counterfeit shares?"
"Yeah man, Hedgies R fuk."
by Colouredants July 8, 2021
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Iconic call from byron bay australia.
When you are feeling edgy for a kettle (bong) this constituted hedginess this being hedgy.

Times are rough and your hard out for the herb but no herb around for a solid hit of P.T.S (Pull Through Sensation) you may feel hedgy!

Lack of marijuana is the cause of hedginess.

stems from a picture of narabeen ex pro surfer Nathan hedge pulling an extreme hedgy head in a surf mag I stuck on my bar fridge in admiration of such powerful, core hedginess.
Fuck I’m hedgy !!

Soooo hedgy !!!

This is brutal, so hedgy faaark!!!!

You hedgy lord? !!!!!!

Oh so hedgy!!!!

Hedginess be brutal !!!!
by Kettle Lord July 11, 2018
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