When you're incredibly in love with someone that you see them and your heart goes one hundred miles per hour.
by Sharkisha Cole December 2, 2018
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When you're really in love with someone and it's the best feeling in the world.
I'm so head over heels for Alexia
I'm so in love with her
by Grindin February 27, 2020
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An illness caused by sudden onset of feels, specifically the Ls. Symptoms include butterflies, daydreaming, lightheadedness, and growing attachment to the individual responsible for this illness. More often than not, it sneaks up on the individual. Symptoms increase when both individuals share the same illness.
I feel funny.
Dude, I think you're head over heels from this chick!
by L M B December 4, 2014
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A term used to describe the feeling of falling in love. This is used figurativly.
Sara: Look at the look on Laura's face
Steph: Yeah she is head over heels for that guy in front of her.
by ~ken~ June 17, 2005
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A moribund metaphor meaning "out of control in love." But, think about it. Aren't you head over heels every day? Shouldn't it be "heels over head in love"?
"Ah, she was nothing special. I'm only head over heels for Angelina. But I'm heels over head in love with Sandra."
by plasmacobalt March 8, 2006
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when blow jobs are given in exchange for heels
Valley girls giving
Blow jobs for Louboutins
What you call that?
Head over heels
by i-g-g-y June 4, 2014
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"I'm absolutely head over heels for you."
"You're delusional."
"Call it what you will, I think its the best feeling in the world."
"Yeah I'm pretty sure I know the feeling."
by g f b February 28, 2008
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