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Combination of the words Hazardous and Material
"Laughing gas these hazmats" - Feel Good Inc.

After the chemical spill, they called in the hazmat team.
by Sugar April 18, 2005
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Hazmat - (noun) - an abbreviation for the words "Hazardous Material". Quite simple actually.
"I do believe that all the substances left in the ocean is hazmat"
by awesomeXinsanity September 05, 2008
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Something you don't bring with you in a Baltimore tunnel.
The sign says no hazmats in the tunnel, you have to take the long way with your hazmat shit.
by David Poole June 15, 2018
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The multi-colored waste one finds in the crotch of women's panties.
Rob: Vaginas sure are beautiful !
Dave: No doubt.
Rob: Well, that is until you view the hazmat they produce !
Dave: Fuckin' A right !
by Fav February 13, 2008
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Rave term used to describe colorful vibrant displays such as lights, clothes or decorations. Became popular in the early 1990s due to increased usage of Extasy, Acid and Mushrooms among other hallucinagenic drugs.
Damn dude these lights are haz mat...
by Sparatik October 22, 2007
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(adj.)Extremely potent, as in a drug or alcoholic beverage.
Dayum brotha, that dank we chiefed up last night was straight up hazmat; shit it made me forget my social security number, my sexual orientation, and where to properly take a dump!

Mark H. Contributing to the drug abuser's slang vocabulary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 14, 2006
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-1.noun. A hat upon which your friends feel compelled to step on, or look down apon, as if it were a mat.
-2.verb. to do something that you believe would be awesome only to find it lacking in taste or style.
1- I know you thought would be awesome, but it's kind of a hazmat
2- Aw girl, you're outfit is terrible! why did you hazmat it!
by tickatickatack October 26, 2010
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