Hazel Nut is a popular character from a totally legit musical that everyone hates. One of the songs go:

Hazel Nut you better

shut up we know you think you're great...
Hazel Nut you better

dry up cause you're the one we hate.
full credit for this song goes to williamazing12.

(Hazel Nut)
by Decent Definitions February 16, 2017
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While performing anal sex with a partner, you climax inside of the recipients anus. The by-product of that of which is released is considered "hazel nut"
Yo! I fucked that bitch in the ass. Then she shit out my hazel nut all over the bowl
by AssBlaster666 June 12, 2011
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for your friend named hazel (because hazelnut)
ayo, imma hazel deez nuts in yo mouth!”
by hehehhaw July 20, 2022
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