When it Hays a lot during the night and then the next day there is so much hay you can not get out of your house. And as such you have a totally awesome time.
Dude1:Dude! We got a hayday today!
Dude2:Yea dude these come once in a blue moon!
by Drpepperx December 13, 2010
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when an upper classman or group of upperclassmen designate a day to go beat the living hell out of any underclassmen that gets in there way or just looks like they could use a good beating
next tuesday im having a fuckin hayday with all those annoying freshman!
by pure justice August 22, 2008
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What a retired hockey player refers to as their time when they were playing hockey.
"Back in my hay days I kicked some ass"-Ken Daneyko
by belcherrr February 21, 2008
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Something people say to feel like they've matured and grown when they truly have not.
Person 1: Back in our hayday we didn't get this much homework.
Person 2: You fool, what hayday? We always got this much work!
Person 1: Oh yeah. What's wrong with me?
Person 2: My thoughts exactly.
Person 3: Did someone say hayday? I was quite the baller in mine.
Person 1: Go away dude.
Person 2: Yeah nobody asked you!
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by bleached101 June 14, 2019
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a cancerous game that will make your mom eat your ass. mostly played by kids names carson and gays (aka vic)
i was playing hay day the other day and it made me wanna become a jew
by Ostrich balls December 05, 2018
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