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A dweeb that is annoying most of of the time and thinks he's a big shot when he's not. But sometimes he is a decent person that should stop annoying the guy that sits beside him in science class.
Person 1: He's such a dweeb.
Person 2: No, he's such an Abhi.
Person 1: Your right, he is such an Abhi!
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by bleached101 June 15, 2019

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Something people say to feel like they've matured and grown when they truly have not.
Person 1: Back in our hayday we didn't get this much homework.
Person 2: You fool, what hayday? We always got this much work!
Person 1: Oh yeah. What's wrong with me?
Person 2: My thoughts exactly.
Person 3: Did someone say hayday? I was quite the baller in mine.
Person 1: Go away dude.
Person 2: Yeah nobody asked you!
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by bleached101 June 14, 2019

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