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The haybaler is the classic sex move where one does the following:
1. Shave off all one's pubic hairs and put them in a little bag.
2. Start having sex with someone doggy-style.
3. Take the shaven pubic hairs out of the bag and stuff them in the ass of the fucked doggy-style person.
4. Stuff the cock in the person's ass and ram the pubes down.
5. When the person shits next, they shit out a pubic hair/shit hay bale.
Man 1: Dude, that chick is pretty hot but she's a total bitch.

Man 2: Yeah I'm gonna nail her with a haybaler tonight.
by Dick Cobra April 13, 2010
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A homosexual farm worker. This term is also used to describe a highschool, where said farm workers often get there "edumacation". Also see san benito or hollister
Man, look at those god dam haybalers. "Hey asshole, get your cock outta that hole!"
by yourmoma May 11, 2005
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