did jew c dat gurlz screen name? i bet she wuz zeh hawtness!
by BRANDON aka zeh HAWTNESS March 7, 2008
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a word used to describe someone (mostly guys) who are very sexy, attractive and hot
by XxZoexX August 9, 2020
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In the late 1940's and early 1950's "hawt" was an acronym for "having a wonderful time." It was eventually stolen by scenester fucks to mean,"sexy" or "attractive" because of the downfall of american youth.
How are you doing today?
I'm HAWT, darling, thank you.
by JESUS March 15, 2004
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Girl: You were so hawt last night at the show.
Boy: I know
by Harmony April 16, 2005
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a word that you describe someone who is very attractive. It means "hot" but with a "w" sound in it.
look at that guy there, he's so hawt!
by hamandcheese March 18, 2009
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"Hot" "Sexy" "Secksy" "GORGEOUS" or otherwise, very good looking. Used usually by younger teens.
Girl: Oh Ehm Gee! Zac Efron is soooo HAWT!
Boy: Dude, did you see that girl?
Other Boy: Yeah man! She was HAWT!
by Super Ninja Mikee April 1, 2007
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How annoying 13-year old teenyboppers spell 'hot'
omg, lyk, josh is so hawt!
by Disillusioned Hippie October 1, 2005
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