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The smallest town known man-kind (aka the town next to closter and demerest). Description: A downtown containing a minit mart (and a few other unknown stores), a pond with muck in it, and an anual flea-market.
1."Meet me downtown"
"Okay, I'll meet you in the ice cream section of the minit mart"
2. "Yes! The pond froze!"
"No way! This is like, the highlight of the year!"
3. Countdown: 34 days until the flea market/fishing contest!
4. Let's go hang out at the "loading dock" behind the bank and then go skating to the dumont-sters!
by Anonymous April 23, 2005
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A verrrrry small town in Northern New Jersey. It has two "sides of town" which are divided by the train tracks in the center. There is a small pond and downtown area. Most of the people are upper-middle-class, and are as rich as the people in their bigger neighboring towns. The Haworth kids go to NVD during High School and HPS for Elementary/Middle school. There is a lot of drama. Everyone hangs out either downtown or at people's houses during the school year, but during the summer they go to the Haworth Swim Club. Most of the girls there are very Abercrombie/Hollister with a mixture of Mandee's/Delia's with a splash of Forever 21. Mostly every girl has a Coach wristlet. Most of the boys there are very Abercrombie/Hollister with a mixture of Nike/Under Armor.
1: Want to go to the Pharmacy, Alessandro's, or the Minit Mart for lunch?
2: How about Minit Mart? I'm in the mood for popcorn chicken.
1: I wish we could go to Alessandro's, I'm in the mood for pizza...
2: They overprice their stuff anyway.
1: It's not like we don't have enough money! What do you want to do later?
2: There's nothing to do in this small town, Haworth.
1: Yeah. Want to rent a movie at my place?
2: Sure!
by Haworthian August 25, 2009
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