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Character from classic, 1999, Sega Dreamcast 3D fighting game Soul Calibur, by Namco. One of over a dozen colorful characters, Lizardman was a large, armored, scalp-locked lizard who walked erect and carried a sword and shield. He communicated to his opponents on the "Stage of History" through grunts, snarls, roars and gestures.

In 2000, in a house just off-campus from Syracuse University where Soul Calibur tournaments were a daily staple, it occurred to one of the players that Lizardman's inarticulation might be a source of angst for the warrior reptile. It also occurred to this player that Lizardman's outsider status could give him a source of strength. Finally, it was collectively decided in the house that Lizardman's bittersweet dilemma was best expressed through early-1980s Glam and Heavy Metal.

In 2001, a two-minute song of questionable musical taste, based on the chord progression of Danzig anthem "Mother," was recorded in honor of Lizardman. Mercifully elusive, it can be found in MP3 format.
"Lizardman? No one understands him."

Lizardman/Lizardman/No one understands you/No one sees your moves when they're comin'/They don't know how to defend/Against your "unblockable move"
by Strrph January 15, 2005
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person usually from around the area called BARLOW
Lizard men are people known as real noobs when it comes to fps games and rts games. He also has the features of a "lizard man" which gives him his name. He is always skint and usually answers to the name mincer.
by Squiz17 March 06, 2009
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man who gets off from eating lizards.
you met that creepy lizardman? fuck, he's like the dude in The Cell...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
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a guy with a lazy eye, a cool hat and flip flops. He tells funny stories from back in nam and from back in his day. He has a strong southern ascent
Person 1: "Can't wait to hear what stories lizard man will tell today!"
Person 2: "Same Bro!
by MercedesL0ver February 26, 2018
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