Many attractive females. Also, what players get on a daily basis.
Steve: Hey jake what are you doin tonight?
Jake: Yo man i be gettin hauss bitches tonight!
by Rodzilla7861 February 21, 2011
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Derived from the latin word "hoss" which means "one whose ass is bad," hauss sauce is used to describe anything that surpasses the definition of badass. It is the antonym to the expression "weak sauce"
Dude, that lambo is badass." "No. It's hauss sauce.
by RYGON July 21, 2011
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A bond that can’t be broken. A friendship and love between two people that no one else can understand.
My hauss and I will forever be one.
by Zadiyah March 31, 2018
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pertaining to the shittyness of riced out car of any decent, import or domestic.
that v-tak equipped honda was hausse as hell.
by i-hate-ricers August 31, 2009
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