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The polar opposite of pansexual. Haterosexuality is the complete raw hatred of every living person regardless of gender or sexual identity. Like asexuality but replaces the utter indifference towards sexual pursuits with total disdain in the activity and the consequences that it entails. When an individual does not identify as any other previous sexual orientation because she/he despises those labels because they do not accurately cover all possibilities, she/he is most likely a haterosexual.
When questioned about her sexual orientation, Susy said she did not have one but despised the idea of romantic pursuits. Therefore, Susy is a 'Haterosexual.'
by Kyle Bryce November 01, 2013
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n. one who derives sexual pleasure from anger; especially anger towards a specific group of people.
The Rev. Fred Phelps is one of the few brave haterosexuals to have come out of the closet.
by revengeful lobster May 05, 2006
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Any person, especially on the internet, who openly discriminates or advocates the oppression of homosexuals or any aspect of the homosexual lifestyle.
Brad: Did you hear about Utah's ratification of gay marriage?

George: I saw a post on Facebook! Too bad there were a bunch of haterosexual comments on it.

Brad: Don't let the hateros get you down.
by Leggplant January 17, 2014
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