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Displaying hate for the next individual success as a result of ones own short commings.
Yo, cuz. Your bitch chose me so there's no need for all of the mean-mugging. Take the haterism elsewhere.
by Markus Levell Price January 15, 2004
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Haterism is a disease. One may catch haterism by just hatin to much. Haterism causes one to b a chronic hater without notice. U will not notice ur even hatin even though it is painfully clear to everyone around u.

~Chronic Hatin
~Just bein ignorsnt to anyone around u, for no reason
~Bein a Punk
~Not bein able to back up wat u say with any logical and/or senesibal reaon as to why u said it what so ever
~actin like an asshole

~Haterism has no actual effect on ur health. It just makes u hate like a lil bitch
~There is no cure for haterism, once u got it there is no getting rid of it.
~Haterism is also normally in association with a very common disease known as BITCHASSNESS (Which also has no cure).
~Haterism can be contagious
Please go get your yearly Hater exam. Haterism is serious, see your local Hateroligist for more information
by Somebody U Don't Kno March 31, 2009
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1.) The act of hating
2.) An artistic style formed in the 20th Century by haters.
3.) A religion formed by haters
4.) A wall post on the internet or something said aloud which makes the victim look bad in front of a large group of people.
Ex. "Damn Adam... stop leaving haterisms on my wall, you're not the only one that reads that shit"

Ex. "Adam has been practicing haterism for some time now, he needs some self-esteem"
by Nick T Moore November 03, 2006
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