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Hate Crime: defined by federal or state statutes.
A hate crime occurs when a person commits an act such as assault, battery, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to property or mob action because of the victim's real or perceived race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Hate crime laws vary from state to state.

"I hope that was found guilty of committing a Hate Crime rots in jail" said Bob.
by ????^_^??? October 3, 2007
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Committing a crime (usually violent) against a person, or group of people, with a different skin color.
Mortimer: "Hey, did you hear about that white guy that killed someone in Harlem?"

LaQuintisha: "Gotta be a hate crime! ax anyone! mmmmhmmmm!"

" if you want to hurt another human being, you'd better make damn sure they're the same color as you are!" - South Park, Cartman's Silly Hate Crime.
by Mclouie September 8, 2013
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An act of intentional hating on another person with the intention of causing severe damage to one’s reputation and/or status. A malicious and spiteful act committed out of jealousy and envy.
Example: I was dating my office manager completely under the radar. Her jealous ex, who works in the mail-room, went and snitched to the company CEO and got both of us fired. Her ex committed a Hate Crime. He’s just mad ‘cause he wish he could be me.
by JaiKwaan January 7, 2011
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the mistaken belief that crimes committed against special interest groups (e.g. homosexuals, ethnic minorities etc) are somehow worse than the same crimes committed against anybody else, and therefore should be punished more severely. Another example of the insanity of political correctness.
I punched him in self-defence because he tried to molest me; now he's calling it a hate crime!
by Taliesin January 7, 2005
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A term made up by governments so they can tack on extra punishemnts if you do something to someone of a different race.
Killing is killing, it shouldent matter what race the murderer or the dead guy on the floor is.
I shot someone, but he was black so i get an extra 10 years because shooting black people is a 'hate crime'...
by ti August 20, 2004
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when a WHITE PERSON, and ONLY A WHITE PERSON, commits any violent crime against any NON-WHITE(doesn't work the other way around)
black person shoots a white person = possession of a handgun (6 months jail)

white guy shoots a black person = violent HATE CRIME (150 years in jail)
by JT8 September 5, 2006
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