A really good variety of green chile in New Mexico, though not as good as the green chile from the chile in the Espanola and Pilar area on the Northern Rio Grande
Man, that Hatch was hot enough to make my nose run. I could eat more!
by Jesse February 08, 2005
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A person who forces a photographer to retake a photo because of their appearance regardless of if other people in the picture like their apperance.
Hatch: "Let me see! Let me see!... I look like a tard. Take it again!"

"Don't be a Hatch yo!"
by Victim of the Hatch December 01, 2008
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what your teammates in Rainbow Six: Siege never take their time to reinforce.
Go reinforce hatch before jackal dunks on us.
by Osnaa February 21, 2018
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two brows one

that patch of hair that turns two eyebrows into one
You need to shave that hatch so you don't look like bert
by lightning lightning July 10, 2008
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