An unathletic, freeloading valueless student at the University of Chicago, distinguished by their pretentiousness, self-entitlement, and general air of douchebaggery.

A slightly migratory species, jackals inhabit the library during finals week, the dining hall during feeding times, and hibernate in their dorms in between. Unlike their territorial namesake, jackals are completely oblivious of others. They create large messes and romp about at all hours of the night, showing utter disregard towards athletes and people with worthwhile goals.
"I fucking hate the Reg during finals week, it's completely overrun by jackals"

Student 1: "I don't have time to wait in line behind all these lazy hipster non-athlete dbags in bartlett"

Student 2: "Yeah, fucking jackals"

Wyatt: "Has anyone seen Dan today?"
Cooper: "No, didn't you hear? he's doing 25-life for going on that jackal killing spree"
Wyatt: "Damn. Well, can't blame him."
by DP's thoughts December 7, 2010
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Unsavory people who won't hesitate to rob or kill you for your paper. Usually come out at night.
"I see them jackals waiting for me round the corner, but they don't know I'm strapped"
by Flan August 24, 2005
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"GOD! it wasn't right the first time you said it, WHY THE HELL WOULD IT BE RIGHT THE NEXT TIME?"
by Pete May 29, 2004
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A male version of cougar - a man who constantly dates women at least 20 years his junior. A predator who feeds on the young.
Donald Trump is such a jackal.
by Marissa Dee July 30, 2008
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when your rub the clitoris with your thumb, you insert your index and middle finger in vagina, your ring finger is folded, and the little finger in the anus: your hands make the shape of a jackal, which is an animal
I tried the jackal on my girlfriend yesterday.
by P-O June 17, 2006
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The mid-rank race of the convies in the game Halo. They use a shield to protect themselves.
Those Jackals Were trying to defend the Convenant base but The Chief killed them all!
by Estefano Palacios August 18, 2004
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An older man that only has eyes for younger women, in an attempt to prove he's not ageing.
He's such a jackal, always chasing after Pumas.
by SScott February 24, 2008
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