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A game played primarily by the Yahtzee elite of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

While watching television, players call out either "hat" or "no hat". The player with the remote then changes the channel to the Country Music Channel. If the first person seen on screen is wearing a hat, those players that called "hat" win and vice versa.
If, when the channel is changed to CMC and there are both people with and without hats on screen simultaneously, the result is then based on the hat or no hat status of the first person to sing solo.
Variation: Can also be used as a 2x bonus at the end of a game of Yahtzee. This requires players to write down their selection before the channel is changed, instead of calling it out.
Player 1: "Hat or no hat?"
Player 2: "Hat!"
Player 1: "No hat!" *changes channel*
Player 2: "Hoorah! He's wearing a hat. I am victorious!"
by Dawany January 04, 2015
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