used in melbourne to describe a girl that is really awsome or a great girl..

Sick = awsome
bitch = girl
Jack: "i hear you met maddie last night"
David: "yeah..she's a sick bitch"
Jack: "told you"
by mlleeeh132 November 8, 2010
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1)a girl who gets excessively drunk. 2)a guy who participates or says something that is not socially exceptable.
1)Hey tina you sick bitch come over here and suck my weiner! 2)Jim you are one sick bitch!
by staystreet April 17, 2007
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A man who is characterized by sociopathic or psychopathic behavior.
A man who uses an abnormal advantage, ie. no conscience, to get ahead while others are impaired or restricted in some way.
He lies and cheats often, enjoys destroying people, and has no conscience because he is a sick bitch.

Person 1: He broke-up with one girl, and the ten days later there was a brand new girl, who looks just like her, in her place.

Person 2: Unbelievable!

Person 1: No, he's a sick bitch!

Person 1: One day, all of a sudden, he kicked his business partner to the curb, and skanked all his money; later he laughed evilly when he heard that the former business partner had a nervous breakdown and lost his mortgage.
Person 2: Unbelievable! How could a normal person do that?
Person 1: He's not a normal person; he's a sick bitch.
by lovescalifornia July 16, 2009
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Noun describing one who gains an extreme success utilizing an improper advantage, or an adjective describing the act of doing so.
In the basketball game, the player leapt so high that his knee pushed down on the opponent's shoulder: boosting him up to slum the dunk: that player is a sick bitch, and his move was a sick bitch, heaven-sent!
by lovescalifornia July 22, 2009
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usually an ethnic melbournian female who takes herself too seriously. can be seen cruising down Chapel st with one eyebrow raised and lips pouting with her girls pumping her tracks.
Mainly reffered to as a sick bitch by muzza's because she does not acknowledge their presence.
Muzza 1: heyyy babyy
Sick bitch: raises eyebrow pouts lips (blank stare) turns back around and flicks hair.
Muzza 2: omg bro what a sick bitch
by imprezaaaa April 10, 2007
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A person who is a bitch temporarly for someone who is sick.
Robin was home sick with the flu. Jim came over and did whatever she wanted him to do. He was a sick bitch for the weekend.
by Meandyou2009 April 4, 2009
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Someone who has masterful skills in all area's

Someone who once worked on Dunk Island
"oh my god Lawpy is one sick bitch"

"your such a sick bitch"

"where are my sick bitches?"
by Joe-stringer Smith February 14, 2009
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