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This is a guy's name. It is extremely rare. The original Arabic word is Hasanain, which means two Hassans. Most Arabic words can be transformed from singular to dual by adding an "ain" sound at the end.

The name is a combination of the two grandsons of Prophet Muhammad, Hassan and Hussein.

Hassan literally means "good".

Hussain means Younger Hassan.
Stranger: Hey nice to meet you, whats your name?
Me: Hasnain
Stranger: Sorry, come again---Ha?
Me: Just call me Haz.
by Haz-K March 16, 2013
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"Hasnain" is a name which is generally uncommon. People with this name tend to be extremely handsome and get tons of action. Actually, tons is an understatement.
You can pretty much tell a "hasnain" from the rest of the crowd. He is the person that makes your head turn.
Hasnains are also very intelligent. They are good people to sit next to during exams.
U'll know when you experience a "hasnain".
by Not Hasnain March 10, 2006
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