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Harry Pothead is the more urban version of Harry Potter. He uses his magical bong to fly though the midnight sky. He chills all day, and smokes fat doobies, he also has big tendancies to get drunk and have gang bangs. Harry Pothead is your average pothead with magical bongs.
1) *Deeep Inhale* *cough* * Cough + Exhale*
by HarryPothead February 08, 2003
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A urban spoof of the popular Harry Potter series of books. In this series of books, Harry smokes weed with his friends, plays Quidizzlefoshizzle instead of Quidditch, and practices black magic. The series of books includes -
Harry Pothead and the Stoned Sorcerer,
Harry Pothead and the Chamber of Crack, and
Harry Pothead and the Prisoner from Block A
Coming soon...
Harry Pothead and the Golden Shank
From the Stoned Sorcerer -
"Arry', I tink the professor is smokin' weed today go and see if we can get his stash. Said Ronald. "Fuck you, bitch ass nigga ho crip dawg mofo jackoff I gots my own organic foo'. Said Harry"
by Chipmunk January 03, 2005
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Someone that is obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies and all other things related to the Harry Potter universe. Usually they are people who read and or write HP fanfiction. Their obsession is so great that it may be seen as an adiction.
I'm such a Harry Pothead! I check every hour to see if (HP fanauthor) has updated his HP fanfics yet!
by Shades of Grey June 02, 2005
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This is a book that appears briefly in Scary Movie 2. Christopher Kennedy Masterson gives it to the main funny bitch in school one day saying something like hey you dropped this. DUH you morons.
harry pothead is a fake book seen briefly in scary movie 2
by b-bo December 05, 2006
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Urban and more realistic version of harry potter. Also known as Horny Pothead, he smokes pot, drinks and flies, and shags girls while wearing his "Anti-babymaking Coat". Uses wand as Bong. Also is Fucking Emo.
Current bounty: $500,000.
Appeared in many autobiographies:
Harry Pothead and the Philosopher is Stoned
Harry Pothead and the Chamber of Crackheads
Harry Pothead and the Prisoner from Afghan
Harry Pothead and the Goblet You Desire
Harry Pothead and the Half-Stoned Prince
Horny Pothead: GOD I AM SO EMO.... (sobbing quietly)
Ronald Gaysley: wanna have emo sex harry pothead?
horny pothead: god u know EXACTLY WHAT I WANT!!!
by lolomatick January 21, 2007
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1) A spoof of Harry Potter in which the characters smoke weed.
2) An insulting nickname for Prince Harry, who is rumored to have smoked pot.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
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Someone who is both a Harry Potter fan and a pothead. We may talk about Harry Potter often when stoned, and party relentlessly when new books or movies are released. We get high before watching the Harry films in a theater and probably sneak some liquor in as well.
Harry Pothead 1: Hey where we gonna stop for vodka? Half-Blood Prince starts at 4.

Harry Pothead 2: Let's stop at State Street's liquor center it's on the way.

Harry Pothead 1: Rockin'! Then we can smoke a joint in Veteran's Park, still have time to pig out at the city mission, and even smoke one more joint on Hamilton along the way! Hey what kind of vodka you want?

Harry Pothead 2: Potter's! What could fit this epic day better?

Harry Pothead 1: Far out! That's the spirit..I am so hopin' we score some doses of acid at the mission
by West Empire Anarcho November 05, 2009
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