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Harry Pothead is the more urban version of Harry Potter. He uses his magical bong to fly though the midnight sky. He chills all day, and smokes fat doobies, he also has big tendancies to get drunk and have gang bangs. Harry Pothead is your average pothead with magical bongs.
1) *Deeep Inhale* *cough* * Cough + Exhale*
by HarryPothead February 9, 2003
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One of the greatest porn stars of all time (somehow)

He looks like a Circus dwarf with long greasy hair and the worst grin imagineable.
Ron: Suck my dick!

Ho: ... Uuuuh.. No. You look like a retarded monkey with no balls! Or a Circus Seal on crack. I can't decide. Now piss off before I call the cops.

Ron: *Whips out penis.. it hits the floor*

Ho: Well.. why didnt you say so?! *Choke, Gag, Choke.. Slurp.. GaaaaaRrRRGgggllLllE*
by HarryPothead February 21, 2004
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James Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming. Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books at first then in time United Artists - UA created the movies, until MGM took them over, James Bond movies are still in production up to date, until someone decides that he be killed.
James Bond.
by HarryPothead February 9, 2003
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Beavis and Butthead were what made life worth living. Ever since MTV shut them down I had to buy the Beavis and Butthead tapes.
Didn't they air beavis and Butthead on bravo a while back? Ahh well.. Fuck wordMTV/word They can take their 51% owned shares of Beavis and Butthead and shove it up their ass..
Quoting Beavis and Butthead on here is an offence to them.
by HarryPothead September 5, 2003
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A Person who is currenlty unemployed. They may want to think of JOBSEEKING..
by HarryPothead February 9, 2003
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An incredible Japanese Anime series, with 26 Episodes of amazing animation and enthralling story-line. With a highly debateable topic that will keep man-kind questioned for years to come.

The story revolves around a boy named Shinji Ikari who is on the brink and top toeing on the edge of insanity. He hates himself and cannot love or show true emotion. He has serious trouble expressing himself. The story is inexplicable. It is hard to grapht onto words. You have to watch all of the episodes to get a full grasp on the story, all I can tell you is that it involves Human Instrumentality which is the 'real' human state; a liquid called LCL. Where Humans have no soul but are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Weird eh? Just watch the story and be taken into a level of thought which you have never experienced before.

There are 3 Steps to Neon Genesis.

The Series.
Death and Rebirth (A Quick recap of the whole series)
The End of Evangelion (Which is basically expanded versions of the last 2 episodes, the creator of Neon Genesis recieved death threats because of the last 2 episodes)
Watch the series and End of Evangelion.
by HarryPothead February 21, 2004
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Red Sqaure is a premix alcoholic drink with caffine and vodka (this is the basic ingredients) There are different Red Squares. The basic Red Sqaure is Red Square: Reloaded, aka the vodka + caffine. Red Sqaure: Irn Bru. Hey I can't make a list of them :) IT would be too long.
Step 1:Drink about 20-30 of them
Step 2:Make sure you get laid
Step 3:You better find a condom on the floor or you're in deep shit.
by HarryPothead February 9, 2003
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