beautiful person, very caring, kind and friendly. genius and possibly pshycic
danii harman, nigel harman
by randomer93 May 31, 2008
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Harman is a funny ass person that all teachers hate. Perverted sense of humor yet she’s still hella enojoyable to be around. Usually never gives a shit about anything. Sarcastic and can start a new conversation with almost anybody. A beautiful person, gorgeous long hair that anybody would want. Though she’s not the smartest, she makes class fun. Loyal as heck and always has fun with whatever she’s doing.
1: Hey is that girl getting yelled at by the teachers again?

2: Of course, her name is Harman
by suckasloth May 5, 2018
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A "vegetarian" who eats chicken and every meat possible to humankind.
Wow he ate my entire pack of Costco chicken wings! He's such a Harman!
by Hormone1011 October 10, 2017
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Refers to a hard-core Indian. One who is proud of their culture.
"You're such a harman for wearing a turban."

"Wearing a Sari shows how harman they are."
by hotboy2010 March 26, 2010
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an obnoxious wanna-be baller that's funny and can be nice at times. can make conversation with anyone and is hated by teachers.
by swiggityswagurahag January 31, 2016
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To be born with no genitalia.
Lucy: I heard you just had a baby.
Christine: Yeah, but he was a harman.
by luckysexypandaman July 28, 2008
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