Most annoying dance trend ever besides Gangnam Style in which both have been plaguing the Internet. The idea of one dancing while everyone else remains unaware and then jump-cuts to where everyone starts dancing along has got to be the most ridiculous shit ever.
Person 1: Dude, Harlem Shake is so funny. You gotta look it up on Youtube. I might as well start one myself.

Person 2: Dude, shut the hell up. As much as you would post links about Kony and change your Facebook pic to that Kony promo pic, you are obviously just wanting to fit in the latest *viral* trends just so you won't feel left out.
by dalfkjasdlk February 26, 2013
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Yet another moronic dance trend from Youtube. It starts with people in the room (or other strange location) and one person shaking like a retard and after few seconds the rest of the people do even more stupid things. I suppose this ilustrates that stupidity of one person quickly infects others.
Just when you thought that the limit of stupidity was reached with Gangnam Style, something like harlem shake shows up and completely ruins your faith in humanity.
by hubzal February 18, 2013
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The only time a bunch of straight guys can dance in their underwear and not be considered in anyway gay
Person 1: Dude why are you watching gay porn?

Person 2: No man it's a Harlem Shake video

Person 1: Sure...
by couple2tree February 17, 2013
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A new stupid dance crass on YouTube, and people just making idiots of themselves. Usely only about 30-45 seconds long, where it starts out as one person dancing and everyone not noticing. Til about half way and then everyone in the room dances and shakes usely masked to hide their shame.
Did you see Jimmy Fallon on YouTube doing the Harlem Shake?

Yeah they all looked retarted!
by McLovinUrMom951 February 08, 2013
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A dance most popular on YouTube that is worse than Gangnam Style. At the video beginning one person is dancing. Anyone else in the room are either still/simply not paying attention to the masked dancing.When the bass drops, everyone else joins in on the dancing.
"Have you seen the new Harlem Shakes on YouTube?"

"No the Harlem Shake is for idiots!"
by Crazy Motherfucker February 13, 2013
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The "Harlem Shake" is performed by acting "normal" in the first 10 seconds of a video and after the first 10 seconds , you're doing random acts that makes you look like a primitive fool.
One example of the Harlem Shake is a young black male jerking off in front of what looks to be his parents who seemed to be reading a newspaper in the first 10 seconds of the video, not noticing their son is about to make a complete fool of himself. While this is happening, you'll hear a generic, goofy tune in the background. That's the start of the dance tune. 10 seconds later the tune cuts off to a deep voice, "Do the Harlem Shake," the video then cuts to a scene where his parents are gone but the same room is filled with what seems to be his friends in costumes. One of his friends is humping a stuff animal who is dressed in a cow costume and another seems to be jumping on a chair who is dressed in a costume that is unrecognizable. There is another friend of his dancing behind him who is also dressed in a white costume that looks like a bunny suit and a random white male walks in front of the camera for the sake of diversity. The man mentioned earlier who was jerking off in front of his parents in the first 10 seconds of the video is now dressed in a purple costume, pouring milk on his head while staring into the camera as he pumps his pelvis in the second 10 seconds of the video.
by YouCan'tBlock February 14, 2013
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as the "Harlem Shake" becomes more popular, the amount of people who know the true meaning of this word are low. the "Harlem shake" was originally called the "harlot shake" it was slang used by business men who would go on a trip, and pick up a hooker. but something would go wrong and the hooker would burst into seizures. later on it became popular when men would use a date rape drug n easy women, but the mixture of the drug with the alcohol would cause a violent seizure. in the midst of this ate ape drug phase the name evolved into what's known as "harlem shake" after the phrase became less poplar, it then came back as an odd YouTube video of which features normal dancing until the music changes in which the dancing become a plethora of people doing odd things.
(A) while Jeff was on his business trip, he picked up a hooker. he paid for sex, but instead only got the Harlem Shake.

(B) Frank paid a lot for his date rape drugs. although he was arrested because he caused her to do the Harlem Shake.
by 27071990 February 24, 2013
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