The act of ejaculating on a person who is either sleeping or unconscious.
As retribution for making him feel awkward earlier at the beach, Joel hardcastled Samantha as she slept on the couch.
by hardcastlingzach March 1, 2009
A surname given to a posh boy who likes to be intimate with a horse rather than people but pretends not to like horses to cover it up.
I heard that dude fucks horses, hes a hardcastle
by Ohhhyeah69 December 11, 2019
When it looks like something really good is about to happen and then it doesn't. That's a Hardcastle
It looked like the hated principal was leaving the school for another job. Everyone was excited and hopeful, but the douche didn't get the job and we're still stuck with him. We got hardcastled.
by p-c of u-c February 19, 2010
Quite possible the coolest guy ever, he is a ladies man, smart, daring ,dashing, handsome, narcissistic, hawt and also very athletic. He has also been quoted as "the most charismatic and handsome guy to come to you via computer screen."
0M6! I LOVE TEH SEXTON! (millions of ladies)
by Snuphy January 23, 2005