Having a harby in your life is like having a mystery box you will never know what you're gonna get. Harby is a love, caring, sweet gentle, shy and adventurous person at the same time. Harby is one of the best things that can happen in your life, she will be there at your lowest times, hug you when times get rough. So if you have a harby take care of her she' one of a kind. Don't mistake her looks for just being beautiful she is also smart and witty, she's the complete package.

- Jcube
Harby is one of a kind.
by Jcube1991 November 25, 2021
A person who is going to loose at a poke war...
Oh look it's Harby he can't win a poke war
by PigeonCat June 15, 2010
A retarded, dumb shit. Someone who has no fucking idea about anything, and only plays video games. Someone who is a 'Harbi' is usually Aggressive.
Person: Hey, did you know that Michael Jackson was dead?

Harbi: No he isn't...
by bicbwwoooiiii October 16, 2010
Harbi- has all the sauce and get all the bitches, and has a huge cock which girls are afraid of.
Damn, Dylan is such a harbi
by Daddysxuce September 4, 2018
mohamed harbi is a short black kid whos very cute. i wish i was his girlfriend eeek
i love you so much mohamed harbi
by chick827 March 5, 2022
A harby is a hobby that you like to do at Arby's.
It can be literally anything, as long as it's a hobby.
Person 1: "Cosplaying is my newest harby!"
Person 2: "Won't they kick you out?"

A Person: "Skydiving is one of the most dangerous harbies."
Another Person: "Yeah. And it's expensive. They always make you pay for the roof damage."
by BassTres May 16, 2012