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Applies to the world of Facebook, where users have the ability to "poke" someone. This does nothing execpt informing the recepient of the poke has in in fact been poked. Then then poke back. And then the original poker pokes back the poke backer who then pokes back...etc etc. This is known as a poke war.
Poke wars accomplish nothing, except of course when one participant finally gives in, relinquishing their soul and any dignity that is attached to it.

Note: Poke wars can also be a semi-pathetic attempt at actually having human contact or just flirting in general without having to worry about following up in any way.
After 3 solid months of poking back and forth Cate finally relented and subjected herself to the ultimate humiliation of a poke war defeat.
by DazedDingo June 21, 2006
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A grueling battle of wits and stamina. Opponents often develop 'poke-vision', ignoring important events and needs such as eating, sleeping, and writing PhD proposals.
Steve was locked in a poke war with Kate. He knew dinner was ready, but every time he went to leave the computer, that little red flag would pop up again and he'd have to poke back.
by Ilikecats456 February 09, 2012
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1) An activity where one person pokes another person and the other person pokes them back, resulting in a continuous 'Pokewar' - the end of which may never occur.

2) Similar to the above, except that the pokewar is hosted by some form of social networking site - eg; Facebook, MSN etc...
1) Pete: "POKE!" *pokes Sally*
Sally: "Hey!" *pokes back*
Pete: *pokes back*
Sally: "Don't turn this into a Pokewar!" *pokes back*
etc etc...

2) "Me and my friend John have been at our Facebook pokewar for three months non stop! I hope he gives in soon, I'm gettin tired of it"
by Captain Capable May 08, 2011
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A war between two facebook friends by incessantly poking each other in order to get the last poke.
by john.byrne.wishes. April 04, 2011
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A poke war is a Facebook activity that requires two people, where the two people continuously click "poke back," and refusing to deny the poke my clicking the X button. Poke wars can last for years.
Wow I can't believe Eliza has finally lost that poke war, she has been holding up strongly for years.
by tsport772 November 14, 2010
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