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Acronymn meaning Elegant Gothic Lolita, a style popularized by the teens in Harajuku and Mana, the guitarist for the band Moi Dix Mois and Malice Mizer. Typical EGL clothes consist of things worn hundreds of years ago (such as peticoats, frilly shirts, stockings, etc) only in more dark colours and styles.
Mana designs EGL clothes for his clothing label Moi-Meme-Moitie.
by Neko October 21, 2004
a kitsune who was a thief, but was killed by a bounty hunter. He was born ,as a last resort, as the human Shuichi Minamino. He can manipulate plants.
" Kurama one the fight with Touya."
by Neko December 23, 2003
"Ya know, most guys go after looks in a girl, but I go after strokesoco."
by Neko February 24, 2003
abbreviation for: tiny minds don't think

in contrast to gmta
"I'm sure you were aware of that?!"
"Nah, tmdb."
by Neko April 8, 2005
One of many districts in Japan. A popular hang-out for teens who are into Street Fashion or Gothic Lolita style clothing.
Harajuku is a nice place to take a look at all the latest fashions from Tokyo!
by Neko October 21, 2004
Popular style with the teens of Harajuku.There are two types main, EGL and EGA. This fashion was first started/popularized by Mana of the then famous band Malice Mizer that later disbanned. Gothic Lolita clothes have a sometimes very dark (as seen by Mana's clothing label Moi-Mem-Moitie) or sometimes very kawaii (demonstrated by Baby The Stars Shine Bright). The clothes sometime seem to have a fantasy world or Alice and Wonderland feel to them. The most popular Gothic Lolita magazine is a Japanese publication called The Gothic and Lolita Bible.
She donned a frilly bonnet, an apron, a lacy shirt, and a poofy skirt before stepping out of the house. Even though we knew what she was trying to dress like a girl in The Gothic and Lolita Bilbe, she still looked like a child.
by Neko October 21, 2004
A statement, denoting that you are offering you nuts to be sucked. A foreshortening of "Mac deez nutz".

Can also be used as a double entendre for McDonalds.
You wanna eat at Mac deez?
You can mac deez!
by Neko March 3, 2005