Probably the best online game ever.
Made by Jim Bonacci (and some done by Jason Schymick), who also made the (less known) game Divine Intervention.

As described by Jim himself, the goal of Happy Wheels is "personal victory at any expense". And that's exactly what it is; you ride on a vehicle and your goal is to get to the finish. You can lose all your limbs, your son, your own vehicle, as long as you make it to the finish alive.

It's free, just go to the site and you can play it. It's on

However, there are way too many copied and unoriginal levels, like: Rope Swings, Kill Justin Bieber, Fight Chuck Norris, Ragdoll (also known as "fall down"), Jet Fall, Weapon Throw, "Rate 5 too see random glitch", Glass Fall, WWE, Saw: The Game, Arrow/Harpoon Run, Zombie Kill, Don't Move/Heart Donation, HOT FREE SEX, and the recently invented: "Made for UberHaxorNova".
It's recommended to not play these at all, and if you accidently click on one, you should rate 0.

It gets uploaded once per one or two months.

The only thing that will prevend you from playing it, is Headache Puppy, because he does not approve of repetitive refreshing.
Guy 1: Hey dude have you seen the new featured level?
Guy 2: Yeah it's way better than all the Kill JB's.

Dude 1: Hey are you making your homework?
Dude 2: No I'm playing Happy Wheels.

Person 1: Hey.
by DuxTape December 21, 2011
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A game that you can play user submitted games as well as pre made games.
Guy 1: Have you ever played happy wheels?
Guy 2:Yes, I love happy wheels with all the blood and gore and body parts and its also free on
Guy 1:...
by gabehare123 April 1, 2015
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Online flash game game made by Jim bonacci. He's making a sequel, but the original was made in the late 2000s. You need to make it to the finish line alive, and at any cost to your health. You can get your bike crushed, so crawl the way there.
No limbs, no problem. The captions in the image are edited in, and originally said by the video recorder.
It's available at (not a joke link for real)
Dude: let's see if I can beat the top replay on this happy wheels level.. wait no replays.
by evanultra01 February 19, 2020
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A fun game but a little bit gory as your body parts can come off. It's fun to play with friends as well.
sophie: Maia is soooo good at happy wheels!
lisa: Yeah and she has completed every level in it! WOW
by WolvesREpic July 7, 2013
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A game kinda similar to Mario Maker in that the users make the levels, and 99% of them are crap while about 1% are good. But that's where the similarities end. Happy Wheels is in fact an amazingly brutal and violent game about taking various odd characters from a man on a Segway to an old fart in a jet-powered wheelchair through various insane obstacle courses. Your imagination is the limit.

And...just a thing worth nothing: This game contains graphic limb dismemberment and copious amounts of blood. It is highly recommended that you do not play this game if you are younger than 13 years of age. Or at the very least, don't play it in front of your family.
Happy Wheels is one of the greatest video games of all time
by Someone who kinda exists January 29, 2022
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Billy is a bitch from happy wheels. Oh and did I mention he is a bitch!
Jacksepticeye: billy is such a bitch
Billy: no I’m not!
Jacksepticeye: yes you are bitch
Billy from happy wheels
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