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God got bored with this year and said "fuck it"
in the first 5 months so far, 2020 has:
-brought one of the largest fires in human history in Australia. (even though, it started in september 2019)
-Devastating and deadly flooding in Indonesia
- been a phone call away from starting WW3 (or a nuclear war between Iran and The US)
- more floodings from all over, such as England and Australia
- A Virus that caused a Global Pandemic
- People, Globally, are quarantined and in lockdown, resulting in millions of people filing for unemployment in The US and the stock market falling
- Radioactive fires in Chernobyl that stirred up radiation even more.
- Killer/Murder Wasps in North America
-Locusts in Africa and the Middle East
and it is still only half way through May.
Man 1: "Last year was pretty crazy man. 2020 was fuckin' lit"
Man 2: "i lost my family to Covid-19 that year you sick fuck"
by Missilemanfucker202 May 15, 2020
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I used the thing I got from that guy in back alley and I feel really happy

I took some coke and I feel happy
by Missilemanfucker202 April 8, 2017
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A minority group in China that is being genocided against by the CCP that no major powers, including the UN has denounced despite being a modern day holocaust.

The Audacity of the major powers saying that they would have never let another holocaust happen under their watch but let this one slide because of political and trading reasons.
Journalist 1: *Writes about the extermination of The Uyghur people and the literal concentration camps, being victims of a modern day holocaust
CCP: *magically makes Journalist 1 disappear*
by Missilemanfucker202 October 15, 2020
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