A strange fuckin blue unicorn with wings
"Fuck off Happy"
"But we are partners you promised"
by Cobble935 May 19, 2020
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Happy is the flying blue cat from Fairy Tale - Anime TV show
Natzu: happy get over here the trains gonna leave, we don't have time to eat
Happy: but I'm hungry and the have a fish market!!!natzu a fish market!!!!!
by Little.Bambi February 1, 2016
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Happy is an acroynim for "healthy and positive pothead youth"
dont be sadd(students against drunk driving) be happy!
by White Wolf December 30, 2005
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Happy - having a good time or living the life usally includes family or freinds being happy can be very fun!
I'm so happy right now i would not trade anything for how i'm feeling right now!
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You make me HAPPY!
US!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I wish I had it all figured out …

How to be in your arms
How to talk to you beyond here…
How to wake to you holding me…
How to get a tattoo…
…. You have any of the above figured out????
Until the day you can see how happy you make me, I may keep talking to food!!!
by Dreams789 February 18, 2023
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No… no..
We are staying in happy, forward place!!! I am happy, you are happy, everyone is happy 😃

Don’t know where you think I am… 100% in love with you, just happy and content../ I would like to be in your arms… I do wish I knew something…

What is that?
I wish I knew if I can run and put my arms around you? … other account made me ponder this… “lights are on you” and “no pressure” ….. I had sweet planning last weekend, I may have or may have not waited in the hall for 25 minutes and watched …
Like do I have to figure out a time to be alone? Or can I stand in the middle of the road?

Good thing I have 8 hrs to ponder this today

You make me happy!!!!
by Dreams789 March 2, 2023
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I don’t recall exactly how I got to your numbers.

I remember seeing the handle… there have been a few others that have made handles similar. I watched it for a few days and I could see I needed to say something. Worse case scenario, you say I was wrong or you didn’t respond, either way I had good intentions behind it.

The coincidences between our two stories is interesting . I do believe we were meant to help each other through our funks… as we both know, you are not him as I am not her.

There must have been words exchanged when you saw her… I realize you probably don’t want to share. Blocking… sorry 😞
Honestly, first you need to fill your love bucket then address the her and your feelings for her… not necessarily to her.

Trust me…

If not today, some tomorrow… even if I have to wait until we are the cute little couple who come together in the retirement home after loving each other for all these years

I just have to have faith and believe…
Even if it makes me sound a little crazy…
We both know the little is off…

My a lot of crazy, makes me happy 😃
by 4-u September 17, 2023
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