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To Hankle is to willingly place your hands around your ankles, if done right you should be in a bent over position as if you were bent over ready to take it in the ass hole from a black man or from life its self.
Ryan: Hey Adam whatchya doin all bent over like that?
Adam: Life is knockin on the back door, I figured id hankle be
by RottenPanda3 April 14, 2015
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The hairy area between your calf and your ankle.
Jenny: Dude I need to shave my hankles.
Alex: Yeah you do, it's like a jungle down there!
by Canklicious November 02, 2007
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Cousin to cankle but related to hands and wrists. Oversized wrists that are fat and thick just like cankle refers to the ankle.
You are so fat that your ankles are cankles.

You are even fatter you can not fit any watch on those hankles.

by Ryan Harris October 22, 2004
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the fat of the hip, thigh, calf, and ankle all flow together to form one giant elephant leg
by James Hersey July 10, 2005
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An extra bone on the back of your heel and ankle. Hence the name hankle (heel+ankle)
A birth deformity, that I, the writer of this definition have. Basically an added part/bone to your heel, near your ankle.
"Woah! Have you seen Grace's hankle?"
"Yeah! It looked weird."
by GracefulTacos April 12, 2016
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An ankle which has that much hair on it, that it can no longer be an ankle

Similar to a Kankle but with hair, lots of hair
OMG mark you have Hankles!
Shut up betty! just cause you have kankles
by kritter00277 March 22, 2011
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Females whose calf meets their ankle with no tapering have cankles. Men with very hairy legs who have the same condition have hankles.
I have to wear long trousers to cover up my hankles.
by nomadtee December 17, 2015
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