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When someone is hanged from their underwear.

I am a girl and was a huge victim to wedgies.

And this is a true story.

I was in school one day wearing My Little Pony panties. And someone saw my panties sticking out from my shorts. Her and her friend stripped me while one covered my mouth with tape. They tied up my hands and then they hooked my panties onto the flagpole. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures of me in my bra and panties. I was embarrassed and then I ended up peeing myself. At the end of the day I thought they would let me down but they left me in my hanging wedgie and my panties were stretched and soaked. I stayed up there for an entire day until my parents found me.
I have no example of a hanging wedgie.
by WedgiedGirl November 06, 2018
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a hanging wedgie is when someone or a group of people grab your underwear and hang the back of your underwear onto something high, such as a coat hanger, pole, or a shower head. you are left suspended in the air for a long time and its almost impossible to get out of unless your underwear rips or someone gets you off.
one time my friends gave me a hanging wedgie. we were at a friends house and we were playing truth or dare and i got dared to get a hanging wedgie. they put 2 more pairs of underwear on me and took me into the excersize room. inside there was a excersize bike. the bike looked just like a normal bike except the part you put your hand on curve upwards and it went really high up. they got a chair and hooked my underwear onto the pole. after that they pushed the chair away and i fell. it hurt so bad. the pole was about 6 and a half feet and I'm only 6 feet so i was suspended in the air. in addition i was wearing boxer briefs and they only stretch like a inch so that didn't help. they decided to do more by taking my shirt off and tying my hands and taking my pants off. i was stuck there for about 20 minutes and my balls started to ache. they were taking pictures and videos and it was so embarrassing. after another 20 minutes i was still hanging for 40 minutes no sign of ripping. they were just watching tv in the excersize room and my underwear was far up my crack. since i was leaning forward too my balls kept getting crushed. finally they let me down and everyone else did it too because they felt bad.
by DoilyFam July 19, 2017
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Hanging wedgie (n.) - When a person or a group of people grab your tighty whities and hang them you on a coat deg, doorknob, etc. You are left hanging there for a long period of time.
When I was in the 9th grade and changing after PE in the locker rooms, some seniors grabbed me by my tighty whities and left me hanging in the locker room. Everyone was laughing. I was so embarrassed, I peed my pants and everyone even more.
by Henry Sandoval August 03, 2005
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when someone or some people sneek behind you and pull your undies up and hang you high up
true story

i was playing truth or dare with my mates and i got dared to wear briefs, which i usually wear boxers over night. Someone wears briefs so i had to swap which was horrible. They all slept in my house that night when my parents were there and they woke up when i was asleep and gave me a enormous hanging wedgie on a lamppost. The Next morning i had lots of people looking at me and i had loads of piss in these briefs last time im wearing them
by subject 16 August 26, 2011
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When you are jumped by friends or people older than you grab your tighty-whities without notice and put your waist band on a high object like a shower head in the locker room, door nobs, bed posts, coat hangers, ext.
I was jumped in the locker room while wearing tighty-whities in 7th grade and tied up and given a hanging wedgie on a non-working shower head after school. I was left there for an hour before the P.E. teacher finally came in. It sucked.
by aalliliiv October 20, 2005
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when someone puts rope threw the leg holes in you underwear and then hangs it on a high place thus leaving u suppended in the air.
my friends parents were going 2 b out on vacation 4 like 2 weeks. so i go over his house and he is same age as me but alot stronger. we had decided 2 go work out in his basement. and as i am doing pull ups he pantsed me and exposed my boxers, so wen i go 2 pull back up my shorts he gave me a huge wedgie. he took some rope he had and hung me from the pull up bar which is 5ft off the ground. (i am only 4'5) and kept pulling until i was susspened 2ft off the ground. he then left and kept me up there. 3hrs went by and my ass was killing me and so were my balls. then he came back and he tied my hands 2gether and my feet 2gether. then he was yanking on my legs increaseing the pain. then he lowered me until just my toes were off the ground. then gave me titi twisters 4 like 10mins. then repeatedly kicked me in the balls. after that he decided 2 move me 2 the 8ft tall pull up bar and kept pulling on the rope until i was 4 ft off the ground btw my hands and feet are still tied 2gether. then he untied the rope, and would pull me 2 the top then let go of the rope then just b4 i hit the ground he would grab the rope again thus giving me a boucing wedgie. after about 1hr of that, he tied me then continued the hanging wedgie.and my boxers still havent ripped! now i've been in a wedgie 4 over 5hrs.t then he yanked the wedgie out of my ass and put dirt, sand, grass, and pine cones in my boxers then gave me another hangin wedgie with all that stuff in there. another hr goes by and he comes back and says "time for the speaky clean wedgie" which is were u give some 1 a reg. wedgie than a melvin and it "cuts" the ass crack. he repeated this about 20times. then gave me another wedgie. now it has been 7hrs that i've been in this wedgie. my hands and feet r still tied up. by now it was 12am and i asked him if i could come out yet and he sed no ur gonna sleep in it. now i was like damn im in so much pain. but i eventually fell asleep. and wen i woke up he sed its titi twister time again. and he gave my titi twisters with plyers. omfg that f***** hurt!!!!!!!! then he sed i am determined 2 rip ur boxers. so he is yanking on my legs. and 0mins of yanking on my legs go by and they still havent ripped. he sed ok.....lemme try this and he tied something 2 my feet and was yanking on that as hard as he could. and finally after being in a wedgie 4 17 hrs my boxers finally ripped and he let me go. it took me 30mins 2 dig that 1 out. then as i was walking up stairs he came out and gave me more titi twisters and kickd me in the balls then sed i am dne now.
by the wedgied September 17, 2009
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A hanging wedgie, is a wedgie, where your under wear is up your asscrack and pulled up, it is sore as hell. A hanging wedgie is where your breifs are hung on a lampost, hook, flagpole etc.
True story
I'm a nerd, I'll admit it. I wear tighty whities, A STRONG BLADDER (so I pee when I get scared) have loads of freckles and like science.. last year in high school I was talking to my best freind, who is a nerd too. Then 4 girls tackled us and dragged us to an abandoned room and stripped us to nothing but our breifs. Then 2 girls took my freind somwhere else and I remained in the room where they did casual wedgies, melvins, and texas wedgies. There is a coat hook in there. They hooked me on it and left me there. Then later came back with 7 BIG glasses of water. They said if they didn't drink it they would make the wedgies 10 times worse. And so I did. I needed to piss so bad. I lost it and wet my self silly in the breifs. The girls laughed at me and unhooked me. They then spanked me for 5 minutes and said 'It's flagpole time, nerd', I Was raised on the flagpole then, peeing and pooping, dangling around naked. 2 days later my teacher i have a crush on saw me. My balls and ass hurt bad. Hanging wedgie.
by ElroyThePALADIN November 27, 2013
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