1 definition by William,Chad,Taite

Where somone pulls the underpants of the wedgie victim high up in the air and hangs them on something like a tree
the best kinda underwear to give a wedgie in is whitie-tighties i wear boxers myself but one time i went to my friends house and his parents were out of the hous so we played truth or dare and he wears tightie whities so he dared me to strip down and change into nothing but the tightie-whities and ive never not done a dare so i did he also dared me to wear nothing but that for the rest of the night i did and then later that i fell asleep when i wroke up i was tied up he was waiting for me to wake after that he grabbed me and gave me a hanging wedgie on a tree outside so evreyone could see he left me up there for about 2 hours
by William,Chad,Taite July 11, 2008