2 definitions by M. Moca

When someone hangs you on a hook or pole by the underwear, forcing your underwear up your crack.
In sixth grade, I tripped on the floor in the hallway. I was late for class so I was the only one in the hall. I was lifted of the ground by my tighty whities by an eigth grader they dragged me by my undies to the flagpole, where he took off my clothes except my underwear and gave me a hanging wedgie. Everyone laughed when they saw me. The buses left and it took three hours for a techer to find me and get me down. It hurt so bad, because the undies were up so far.
by M. Moca August 30, 2007
When someone pulls up the back of your tighty whities, causing them to ride up your butt crack.
The school bully saw me in the lockeroom with my tighty whities so he pulled them up as high as he could. They ended up over my head and covering my eyes. He dragged me outside where we had recess and tied me up. I couldn't pick the wedgie and when I tried he spanked my visible buttocks with a stick. Everybody formed a circle arond me and the bully and started laughing and cheering. The bully took the undies off my head but then hung me by them on the chain link fence. Recess ended and it took 4 hours for a teacher to find me.
by M. Moca August 31, 2007