I wouldn't get him to change a lightbuld, he's totally ham fisted.

How did you manage that , ya ham fisted eejit!?
by Stalkerro December 17, 2015
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Ham fisted as in, a very fat persons hand. Lacking dexterity, and producing poor results in tasks requiring accuracy. Makes sense as the phrase is used to describe something done clumsily, poorly executed. The saying is not limited to physical actions, it can also apply to social situations, a versatile phrase, and/or insult.
"Luke locked himself out while drunk last night and ham fisted his way into the house by kicking in the fucking door. He's a liability, I swear."

"John's game is so cringey, man. He just sent out a mass text on tinder saying he can speak french and make girls squirt. Like he thinks that will sway a girl who's on the fence his way. Ham fisted bastard."
by theturkishprince November 15, 2018
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Receiving total hand pleasure from a large handed sweaty man who may or may not have recently eaten a large quantity of meat; hence giving him the meat sweats causing a "ham like" scent.
After I got ham fisted buy Gary last night I was craving a hoagie something fierce.
by Yimmycat January 31, 2012
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the act of repairing things with little knowledge on the proper way of doing it. Similar to back yard mechanic but with the incentive to improve performance or resale value of the object being repaired
Did you see Nathan and Nick ham-fisting that ramp? I will probably break when they try to jump off of it.
by huck&shred March 8, 2013
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poor drumming technique; see Meg White (White Stripes), Patrick Carney (Black Keys)
man, that drummer has no finese. He's so ham fisted.
by Eisenhower Adams December 10, 2019
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The state of having been rectally or vaginally penetrated by a solid and salty pork product.
Ham-fisted: Sodomized by a Virginia ham. Raped by a prosciutto. Bacon throat.
by Gaspor Porcine January 7, 2012
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